Mick Jenkins

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I like “Truffles;” I just don’t like Truffle Fries.

I truly believe that Mick Jenkins can rap circles around 95% of the rappers in the game today. The way he pieces his words together in his raps is truly remarkable. Just when folks started to forget about him, the Chicago native decided to release “Truffles,” a lyrical banger that is as impressive as it gets.

“Truffles” is powered by an instrumental that has its sly moments, its groggy moments, and its smooth moments. Over it, Mick Jenkins raps about being one of the realest, the wisest, and the toughest dudes on the block:

My niggas, all think different, ain’t the same, see, I figured
If I wanna stay sharp-minded gotta keep me some sharp niggas
And watch out for shark niggas
No weapon for ’em, not even that Stark nigga
I’m chasin’ the dark liquor with clear water
It break it apart quicker
I’m breakin’ the blunt down, put the gun down
Now we smokin’ some raw niggas

While I love the ultimate focus that Mick Jenkins raps with on his verses, I think it’s his effortless but irresistible performance on the hook that really catches my attention.

Give “Truffles” a shot below.

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