Doja Cat sounds horny, empowered, and occasionally gentle in “Planet Her” (Post updated with Deluxe)







I don’t think enough people understand how great of a singer Doja Cat is. If you have doubts about her skills, “Love To Dream” will make you a believer.

I was under Doja Cat’s spell from the moment I pressed play on “Love To Dream.” In the song, the California singer blesses us with a high-pitched/spell-binding vocal performance and words that indicate that she’s out here living out yours, hers, and my dreams. Doja also hits us with an aggressive rap verse that pairs very nicely with the song’s hypnotizing vibes.




If you guessed that Planet Her would start off soothingly, you are the second coming of Miss Cleo.

I would call “Woman” a ‘smooth Afropop jam.’ Matter of fact, it could’ve fit in nicely on Beyoncé’s Lion King album. The song features an instrumental that will make those with hips move them gingerly, a hook that is catchy as hell, and lyrics that will remind folks to handle all of our beautiful women with care. The song also features a hard-hitting rap verse that has Doja sort of sounding like Kendrick Lamar (People really sleep on Doja Cat’s rap skills).




It gets hot-n-steamy between Doja Cat and J.I.D. in “Options.”

“Options” might be the most Tik-Tok-friendly track on Planet Her (I hate that I have to say that these days). The song features an instrumental, a hook, melodies, and raps that will make someone create a viral dance. Aside from its Tik-Tok attractions, I think that the song features a great back-and-forth between Doja Cat and J.I.D. and lyrics that will make you want to create a porno with someone.




I’m not going to lie, I love it when musicians compare love to drugs; for that reason alone, “I Don’t Do Drugs” resonated with me mightily.

Do you know what else resonated with me? Doja Cat’s extremely impressive vocal performance, Ariana Grande’s soul-clenching verse, the song’s very intoxicating hook, and how both Doja and Ariana hit us with lyrics that make them sound ready and hot like a Little Caesar’s pizza. There’s no way you don’t find “I Don’t Do Drugs” addictive as s**t.




Doja Cat and The Weeknd go toe to toe in this silky smooth banger.

In my opinion, “You RIght” has everything: A very infectious hook, exceptional vocal performances, a power struggle between two different sexes, and an instrumental that makes me want to take off my clothes (I took that s**t off one minute into the song).  “You Right” will definitely be a top 10 hit.




Doja Cat and SZA want it now, and not a second late. What do they want? My body!

Whether you like it or not, Doja Cat and SZA are two A-list musicians. In “Kiss Me More,” they blend their styles together magnificently.

“Kiss Me More” is what I would call a bubbly pop/hip-hop/R&B track. It features an instrumental that will make you want to shake your ass and pick some flowers, a hook that will make you get physical (Word to Olivia Newton-John), explicit/unapologetic sex-inspired raps, and absolutely gorgeous melodies.


1. WOMAN (5/5)

2. NAKED (4/5)

3. PAYDAY (3/5)

4. GET INTO IT (YUH) (3/5)

5. NEED TO KNOW (4/5)

6. I DON’T DO DRUGS (5/5)

7. LOVE TO DREAM (4/5)

8. YOU RIGHT (5/5)


10. OPTIONS (5/5)

11. AIN’T SHIT (3/5)

12. IMAGINE (3/5)

13. ALONE (4/5)

14. KISS ME MORE (5/5)


*16. UP AND DOWN (3/5)

*17. TONIGHT (3/5)

*18. RIDE (3/5)

19. WHY WHY (3/5)

*Deluxe album songs.




Since Doja Cat is a troll, I think a lot of people sleep on how talented she is. Aside from “Ain’t Shit,” she brings her A-game to Planet Her.

I’m going to be completely honest with you, Doja Cat has one of the most impressive voices in the music industry today. She is capable of reaching notes that even your favorite R&B singers can’t reach and she knows how to morph into all kinds of singers (Doja Cat’s in-game adjustments is top-notch). While I’ve been high on her for years now, even I was blown away by some of the vocal performances that she blessed us with on this album.

Do you know what Doja Cat does very well? Make hits. Do not be surprised if 12 out of the 14 songs on this album debut on the Billboard charts next week. Throughout Planet Her, Doja hooks us up with explosive pop bangers, old-school R&B bangers, afro-pop bangers, and everything in-between. Because of her talent, she is capable of making songs that sound as complete as it gets.

I absolutely love the lyrical content that you hear in this album. Throughout Planet Her, Doja Cat fearlessly comes across as a sex-loving, strong woman that is comfortable in her own skin. Really, this album is about embracing who you are and not being ashamed of wanting what you want; sentiments that I think everyone should at least try to live by.

The guests on this album all put up fantastic performances. I thought Young Thug added a nice little twist to the album, Ariana Grande added some blissful vocals, both The Weeknd and J.I.D. added some testosterone, and SZA added some extra sexiness.

Doja Cat is easily one of my favorite artists out today. My biggest takeaway from Planet Her is this: There’s nothing that she can’t do as a musician.

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