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Danny Junior

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A passionate love song made up of lighthearted lyrics and mellow melodies.

Newburgh, New York artist, Danny Junior, is a soul/R&B musician and record producer. His debut song “World on Fire” dropped back in 2020, and Junior’s latest release, the R&B single “Bourbon n’ Wine,” is out now for your listening pleasure. The new track is a soulful blend of passionate vocals and laidback beats that are the perfect listen for fans of romantic love songs that are coated in a honeyed sweetness.



The lyrics for “Bourbon n’ Wine” tell a lighthearted tale of devotion with lyrics like, “here’s a cheers to the one always by my side, you know you take me on a wild ride.” There’s a wonderfully dreamy quality to the sound that compliments the track’s message of affirming love while making the journey feel even more inspirational and uplifting. “Bourbon n’ Wine” is a beautiful example of a simple yet effective reminiscence of authentic romance.

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