Dennis Lloyd


“The Way” is an upbeat song about moving on. 

Nir Tibor, known by his stage name Dennis Lloyd, is an Israeli singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. He learned how to play the trumpet at eight years old and then taught himself the guitar a few years later. In 2016, he released “Nevermind” which charted around the world including in Germany, the UK, and the United States. In his latest release, “The Way”, Lloyd will have you singing along to just how scary it is to move on. 



The sounds attached to “The Way” is so reminiscent of Maroon 5 in the mid-2000s that I almost thought I had clicked on the wrong song (I mean that in a good way). This feels like a song that you yell along to in your room or in the car. If you’ve ever known it was time to move on from someone but didn’t know what you would do without them, then “The Way” is the perfect song for you.

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