Scott Zosel Injects Easygoing Energy Into “Flow”


Scott Zosel

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A genre fusion with sweet folksy charm.

Minneapolis singer and songwriter Scott Zosel is an innovative artist who refuses to let his sound be confined to one specific genre. His work combines elements of rock, pop, country, and Americana for a unique fusion of genre styles. Zosel’s music is influenced by a variety of artists, including Grams Parsons, Joe Henry, Patty Smith, and Jeff Tweedy. His latest release is the ten-track album Tiny Yellow Room. The mellow-toned “Flow” is the album’s opening song.

“Flow” is a vibrant blend of melodic vocals, romance, and plenty of spirited acoustic guitar. Lighthearted lyrics and simple warm instrumentals paint a welcoming picture of uncomplicated indie-folk bliss. There’s plenty to love about “Flow,” from its intimate yet refreshingly casual vibe to its genre fusion of style that weaves together rock, folk, and soulful country sound. Check out “Flow” and experience a blend of classic sound mixed with sweet simplicity.

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