IDK & Young Thug


IDK has been calling out chicks in his music quite a bit as of late.

My podcast partner, Uchay, said something about IDK the other day that struck a chord with me. He said, “IDK hasn’t quite established a go-to sound yet.” What that tells me is that the DMV rapper might be too versatile for his own good. With that being said, his latest single, “PradadaBang” with Young Thug, sounds all over the place.


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I have to get this out of the way really quick: Young Thug has been striking out when it comes to rapping on other people’s songs as of late. In my opinion, he puts up a lazy performance on “PradadaBang.” The good news is this: IDK saves the song by hitting us with quirky flows and lyrics that will remind you that he is a lovable asshole that doesn’t have time for a materialistic chick. But if I am being completely honest with you, this song is nowhere near great.

I’m sure “PradadaBang” will make more sense when you hear the album in full (I hope it does).