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Bia & Nicki Minaj

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BIA’s stock has skyrocketed today.

Apparently, BIA and Nicki Minaj had a convo on Instagram Live today. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to watch them talk because I was busy watching the Milwaukee Bucks get their ass kicked by the Phoenix Suns. Anywho, during their IG Live chat, BIA announced that Nicki would be on the remix to “Whole Lotta Money.” She also announced that she and I are getting married in August.



“Whole Lotta Money” is garnering a whole lotta streams. On YouTube alone, that s**t has 11 million views. Now that Nicki has hopped on the remix to the song, blessing us with two verses that will remind you that she does and says whatever the f**k she wants when she hops on the mic, I expect the song to blow up even more. I am happy for BIA, as I thought that she had major potential when I heard her on “BEST ON EARTH.”

Listen to “Whole Lotta Money (Remix)” below.

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