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Gabe XO

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An emotional journey about rising above the darkness that drags us down.

Stockton, California-based musician Gabe XO is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist with a long-standing passion for his craft. Since making his industry debut in 2020 with the reflective hip-hop single “Myself,” he has released plenty of well-received songs and music videos. In “Tempted,” Gabe’s latest single, he passionately tackles his demons. The new track is also accompanied by an equally captivating music video.



“Tempted” speaks on the pain and struggles the rapper faces dealing with his inner chaos as well as those around him that have tried to weigh him down. The lyrics are catchy and well-crafted. Notable lines such as, “Don’t forgive to just forget, I still remember how they treated me. Tried to knock me down, I got right up. They ain’t do shit to me” reflect on Gabe XO’s angst without ever feeling too heavy. The upbeat tones have some trap beats and a bit of R&B vibes as well, for a fresh blend that matches “Tempted’s” moody vibe.

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