Matthias Nebel

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An electro-pop love song fused with rock vibes and explosive expressions.

Austrian singer, songwriter, and producer, Matthias Nebel, is a pop/rock artist who is known for his 2018 and 2020 performances on the reality television series The Voice of Germany. His work includes popular rock singles such as “Bed of Roses” and “Out of Use.” Nebel’s latest release is the alternative-pop single “Back To You.” The reflective track is accompanied by an equally engaging music video.



Nebel’s captivating and expressive vocals are definitely the track’s shining star that draws you into its dark journey. “Back To You” focuses on chaotic romance and letting go of unhealthy associations. Simple yet catchy lyrics like “Baby, I know it was toxic. The pleasure was so close to the pain” remind us how our mind can deceive our memories when it comes to toxic relationships. Fans of alternative pop and rock will love experiencing Nebel’s take on tough situations.

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