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Nena Diefenbacher

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A fusion of sounds and styles meant to inspire our inner creative.

Sacramento, California native Nena Diefenbacher is a diverse multi-genre artist looking to challenge and inspire the hip-hop scene with a balanced blend of classic and contemporary music. Nena’s wide range of genre influences (hip-hop, R&B, experimental, and jazz) has helped craft their unique style. Nena’s latest release is the alternative hip-hop single “Tonic,” accompanied by atmospherically pleasing visuals meant to further the track’s reflective journey.

The song’s smooth soundscape dive right in with a neon-accented playing card that flashes at the beginning of the visuals. While you’re pondering on the meaning behind the mysterious image, “Tonic” takes off with intense trap tones, swooshing sounds, and villainously ominous cackles. The song has a very laidback video game vibe that makes furthering along the adventurous trip feel reminiscent of leveling up through each distinctive layer. Immerse yourself in Nena’s latest creation and let your imagination soar.




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