Mariah The Scientist

That album cover scares me.

“Always n Forever” is one of my favorite R&B jams from the last two years. Not only because Lil Baby slid on the track, but also because I feel like Mariah The Scientist put up a vintage R&B performance. To prove to the world that she is no fluke, the Atlanta singer decided to release RY RY WORLD, a solid ten-track album.


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Mariah The Scientist does tons of experimenting in RY RY WORLD (Do you like what I did there?). Throughout the album, she sings over everything from cold-ass trap beats to intergalactic R&B instrumentals. The one thing that is consistent on the album is Mariah’s effort. She never sells us short on a single song, giving her all every single chance that she gets. Respect, Mariah!

Give the very diverse and enjoyable RY RY WORLD a shot below.