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Logic continues to sound freer than ever in his music.

Logic went from retired to extremely active musician. These last couple of weeks, we’ve heard a couple of brand new singles from the DMV rapper. While I haven’t saved a single one of them to my personal music library, I’ve at least acknowledged each of them on this site. “My Way,” Logic’s latest release, is one that I probably won’t press play on again…



I hear a little bit of Kanye, a little bit of Cole, and a lot a bit of Drake in “My Way.” To be more specific, the song features a beat that I can hear Kanye spitting bars over, a hook that an old school Drake would bless us with, and melodic raps that I can see Cole dropping. If I’m being painfully honest, I think that this song is unoriginal and a little corny.

I’m getting tired of Logic’s swagger jacking (Did I say that out loud?)…

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