Tory Lanez

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Tory Lanez when he raps with a Jamacian accent >

I know that Tory Lanez is probably the most hated dude in hip-hop right now, but c’mon, you have to respect his talent. If you think about it, he has three or four different styles of rapping/singing that he can rely on. One style that is my favorite, his reggae style, shows up in “Crocodile Teeth Freestyle.”



Tory Lanez sounds like he has a chip on his shoulder in “Crocodile Teeth Freestyle.” Over a beat that is smooth but moves at a frantic pace, the Canadian rapper hits us with explosive bars that will let you know that he’s down to spray those that are praying on his downfall. What’s glaring is that, in the song, Tory sounds like he’s strapped to a bomb that will blow up in a matter of seconds, so he is intent on getting as many f**k yous towards his enemies off his chest.

On some real s**t, I can’t find a single dent in Tory’s Jamaican accent…

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