Cake Musix

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An R&B track for 90s lovers looking to upgrade classic sounds with a jolt of modern style.

Singer and songwriter Cake Musix is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is an integral part of NYC’s nightlife and its musical community. Her unique 90’s soul-pop style brings back the classic sound of R&B that Cake Musix calls “the new 90s.” Outside of performing at famous venues like Webster Hall, Mets Citi-Field, and Stage 48, she’s collaborated and performed for several influential artists such as Kelly Rowland and Bizzy Bone. Her latest release is the uplifting R&B/pop single “Ur Chick.”



Cake Musix’s soulful vocals show off her love for 90s style music while combining with a mixture of light instrumentals that give the track a slightly delicate feel. The static tone that’s woven in adds to the overall depth of the track and offsets the softer sound with its grittiness. This combination of sound fusion gives “Ur Chick” an appropriately modern spark. Fans of 90s R&B and soul will fall in love with Cake Musix’s refreshing upgrade to old-school forms of music.


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