French Montana Hops On The Remix To Soulja Boy’s “She Make It Clap”

French gon claim this is another one of his hits at his next VERZUZ battle (I know the game, French).

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Soulja Boy & French Montana

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French is going to claim that this is another one of his hits at his next VERZUZ battle (I know the game, French).

Soulja Boy’s third 15 minutes of fame is going very well. These last couple of months, he has dropped a few hits and has linked up with some of the hottest rappers in the game. For his remix to “She Make It Clap,” his biggest release this year, Soulja Boy decided to recruit French Montana.



Believe it or not, I actually f**k with “She Make It Clap.” I mess with the beat and think that the hook is very catchy. Believe it or not, I also like French Montana’s verse on this remix to the song. Throughout it, he comes across as the coolest thing since Giannis Antetounkompo’s alley-oop from game 5 of the NBA Finals and hurls out tons of juicy punchlines. Below are some lyrics of his that stood out, to me:

Lost a bag on Kyrie (Lost)
Got it back like Travis did Kylie (Uh)
She made it clap for the ah-ah (Ah-ah)
Shorty did the split like La La (Yeah)
Did the split like Kim K (Woo)
Got ’em for the half like MJ (Yeah, yeah)
AP ain’t hittin’ in the light (Bling)
His jewels fake like the Mayweather fight (Uh)
Montana been spittin’ that ether
Before Rakim was kickin’ that speaker (Yeah)
Keep a hundred, I’m ballin’
But I ain’t payin’ a hundred like Harden (Woo)
Make it clap like Chloe
Not my ex Khloe, that Chloe with Beyoncé

French Montana refuses to let his Kardashian fame fade away (Smart man).

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