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A bouncy club-ready hip-hop track that promotes body positivity.

KUDA MIC is a Perth-Australia-based hip-hop artist that is ready to push boundaries with his catchy raps and experimental sound. For his latest single release, “TBT,” KUDA MIC teams up with Australia/Peru-based producing duo PMBP. According to KUDA MIC, “TBT” is a “celebration of body positivity.”



This track has a vibrant energy that feels very commercial, and the beats bring plenty of dance-ready feels. KUDA MIC’s delivery is well-matched with the overall energetic and bouncy vibes, while his straightforward lyrics are simplistic yet enjoyably catchy. “TBT” is very versatile; you could just as easily hear it playing at a club as you could in a more relaxed, low-key setting.


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