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Mauvey Makes a Magical Connection With “9”

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A soulful tale of love encased in waves of soft summery tones.

Raised between the U.K. and Vancouver, Canada, innovative artist Mauvey sprinkles his unique alternative pop sound with hip-hop and R&B style. The singer, songwriter, and rapper considers the expression of love to be his most prominently featured message. Mauvey is inspired by various artists, including Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Prince, and Andre 3000. His latest release is the dual-track single “9,” which also features his song “Helium.”

According to Mauvey, the single’s tracks are “love stories drenched in summertime.” “9” has a lovely airy atmospheric sound that sets the mood with light instrumentals and hauntingly soulful vocals. The infusion of hypnotic electric elements combines with Mauvey’s dreamily reflective lyrics for a magically sweet and romantic single that feels like wandering through a fairytale. Press play and get swept up in Mauvey’s enchanting story of love.

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