Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy was the first person to rap over a California-inspired beat (He did it before even Snoop Dogg).

Whether you like it or not, Soulja Boy moves the needle. In the next couple of days, he will release his highly anticipated Draco album. To get us hyped up for the album, Soulja decided to release “Knock Down Everything,” a menacing banger that features West Coast vibes and lots of s**t talking.


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“Knock Down Everything” is powered by a Mustard-Esque beat. Over it, Soulja Boy hurls out bars about being rich, strapped, and down for smoke. The best thing about the song is probably the plain but catchy hook. The worst thing about the song is Soulja’s tone (He sounds like he needs some coffee).

Give “Knock Down Everything” by Soulja Boy a shot and a half below.