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Andrea Pizzo & The Purple Mice Craft Radiant Rock Magic With “Starship to Heaven”

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Andrea Pizzo & The Purple Mice

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Blast off into the unknown with this funky pop-rock single.

Musical composer and vocalist Andrea Pizzo is the voice of the Italy-based musical group The Purple Mice. Outside of Pizzo, the band includes artist and songwriter Raffaella Turbino, composer and keyboardist Ricardo Morello, and instrumentalist Roberto Tiranti. Pizzo and Turbino’s daughter Maria Elena also assists with some of the band’s artistic elements. Their latest release is the dual-track single “Starship To Heaven.” The new songs will also appear on their upcoming album Potatoes On Mars.



According to an interview with the band, Pizzo says that the new single’s title is “a tribute to our beloved Led Zeppelin.” “Starship To Heaven” explores the meaning of life and the universe through a hypothetical chess game with God. The track also incorporates various genre elements, including pop, electro, and funk, into the group’s “space rock” single. The song has the vibrant electricity of classic rock, which fuses with the group’s creative input for a truly unique experience. Soar into space with “Starship To Heaven” and experience an epic journey.




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