Dave East & Benny The Butcher

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Two dudes from two different sides of New York do work in “Uncle Ric.”

Really soon, we will be getting a brand new mixtape from Dave East and Harry Fraud called Hoffa. What do I expect to hear on the project? Tons of hood-certified bars and instrumentals that both mobsters and mafioso rap fans will enjoy. To get us hyped up for the upcoming project, Harry and Dave decided to release “Uncle Ric,” a track that features the one and only Benny The Butcher.


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“Uncle Ric” is powered by a soothing flute-heavy beat that will make a snake with mob ties come out of a vase. Over it, East and Benny rap about being two real-ass dudes that never switched up on their homies, stopped hustling or went to Olive Garden. While the former raps with more of a laidback approach, the latter raps with a pep to his step, instilling some well-needed energy into the song.

Hoffa by Dave East and Benny The Butcher will arrive on streaming services on July 30th.