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Plug Love

Luedvig & Ralph Bandz

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Ralph Bandz captivates with hypnotically soulful vocals.

Minneapolis-based creatives Dan Luedke and Stephan Helvig make up the musical duo known as Luedvig. The two are constantly searching for new underground talent and consistently collaborating with up-and-coming artists. Their unique creations span a variety of genres and never conform to just one style. For their latest release, “Plug Love,” Luedvig teams up with hip-hop artist Ralph Bandz. The new single is also accompanied by visuals.



This alternative hip-hop track has a soulful style prominent in Bandz’s smooth passion-filled vocals as he reminisces on the love that money can bring when the green’s constantly rolling in. The lyrics are well-crafted and touchingly personal. The instrumentals for “Plug Love” have a pleasantly warm tone, as the acoustic guitar and moody keyboard moments highlight Bandz’s voice and make his presence feel all-encompassing. Check out this collaborative team’s latest single and feel the emotional tug of “Plug Love’s” heartfelt lyrics.

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