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Lake Como


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Andrew Cuomo? 

Who would’ve thunk that Russ would drop more music than NBA YoungBoy in 2021? What I find very impressive is that all of the music that he has released this year sound different from one another. With that being said, Russ’ latest release, “Lake Como,” sounds like some s**t you might hear on a love scene in Love Don’t Cost A Thing 2. 



“Lake Como” is the type of track that will make you want to hump a pillow. It features a soothing instrumental and a very nurturing vocal performance. As for lyrically, Russ holds nothing back when it comes to talking about spoiling his girl. Not only does he sing about buying her expensive s**t, but he also says he’ll drink her bathwater if he has to (OK, maybe he didn’t say that). 

Anyone but Nick Cannon should listen to “Lake Como” (Nick needs a break from baby-making).


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