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The Journey – Out of Darkness


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An eerily haunting exploration with a memorizing sense.

Guthorm is the solo project of Italian musician, writer, and meteorologist Augusta Chiarle. Not only is Chiarle a fantasy and science fiction novelist, but he’s also the former frontman for The Wimshurst Machine, an award-winning 8-member Italian electro-acoustic orchestra. Guthorm’s latest release is the 4-track EP Back to Life, which features “The Journey – Out of Darkness.” Guthorm’s song is also available as a single release and is accompanied by equally vivid visuals that showcase elements of nature combined with artistic movement.

From its haunting introduction to its soft, mellow instrumentals, every element of “The Journey – Out of Darkness” feels encased in an otherworldly essence. There’s a strong medieval quest vibe to the track that makes its atmospheric journey feel absolutely enchanting. The ambient strums that stretch through the track’s overall progression are a chilling yet totally inspirational adventure mood. Experience “The Journey – Out of Darkness” and see how its unique adventure inspires you.

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