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I Can See The Future


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

You get prime Tinashe in “I Can See The Future.”

“2 On” is far and beyond my favorite Tinashe track. In the song, I feel like she plays naughty crooner so damn well. These last couple of years, Tinashe has swayed away from the sound that made her popular, and I don’t know why. With that being said, “I Can See The Future,” the California singer’s latest single, features sounds that are very similar to the sounds that you hear on “2 On.”



Tinashe talks s**t and begs dudes that are really about that life to come get her in “I Can See The Future.” Personally, I love that Tinashe meets the song’s sly but club-ready beat with the right energy: A sexy/sly/cold energy.

I feel like Tinashe is the kind of girl that would give losers like myself a shot at getting her. I mean, she gave Ben Simmons, a dude that doesn’t even know how to shoot, a shot.


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