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ZONE 71 Travels To Cloud Nine In “Somewhere Tonight”

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Somewhere Tonight


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There is absolutely nothing wrong with chasing paradise.

Passionate music always sounds so much better in the summer. There’s something about warm weather, beach breezes, and silky smooth melodies that brings out our soft sides. With that being said, “Somewhere Tonight,” ZONE 71’s latest release, is a song that will make you want to both search for inner peace and layout in the sand on a nice beach.



“Somewhere Tonight” is powered by an instrumental that is soothing, invigorating, and vivacious. Personally, I think that the guitar play and drum patterns that you hear in the instrumental are fascinating (The guitar solo towards the end of the song is great). The song also features a vocal performance that is way too passionate and soul-clenching to ignore, lovely melodies, intoxicating vibes, and lyrics that do a great job of encouraging men and women to find happiness in places and ways that are both healthy and productive. If you need a song to cleanse your ears, I think “Somewhere Tonight” is it.

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