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Morray & Polo G

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Polo G definitely makes “Trenches,” a song that is already damn good, better.

Not enough people are giving Morray’s Street Sermons album praise. The album is filled with boatloads of impactful hood-emotional music. As you may know, one of the standout tracks from Street Sermons is “Trenches,” a dramatic banger that you will feel in your soul. Today, a remix to the song that features Polo G has hit the net (Yes, I still say “the net”).



Since we are aware of what Morray was able to accomplish in the original version of “Trenches,” I will speak on Polo G’s verse only. In my opinion, Polo puts up a verse that perfectly compliments the emotions that the beat gives off. Not only does he hit us with his signature deep melodic raps, but he also talks about making it out of hood and morphing into a rich rap star that is making good decisions these days. Whether you f**k with Polo or not, how can you not love the s**t he says in this song?

I love how Morray highlights the fact that there are some really good/hard-working people in the hood in the music video to “Trenches.” That doesn’t get brought up enough in Tucker Carson’s America.

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