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Silk Sonic

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Why is old people music so damn great?

There is a really good chance that Silk Sonic’s upcoming album will end up being the greatest album ever assembled… Better than Thriller, better than To Pimp A Butterfly, and even better than Ray-J’s self-titled album. If you think about it, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are both capable of making God-level R&B music, so s**t is a cheat code when you let them create a full-length project together. While their “Leave The Door Open” single is already a smash hit, their latest single, “Skate,” is a smash hit with cheese in the f**king middle.



“Skate” was made in 1969, it was just stashed away for a rainy day. The song features one of the funkiest beats you would hear today, old-school melodies that are highly infectious, and lyrics that talk about love in a way that is both respectable and tasteful. I mean, more than anything, the song will make you feel all good inside. DaBaby’s songs be making me feel all greasy inside.

Put the greasy trap music down for 4 minutes and listen to “Skate” below.

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