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The Gods May Never


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A laidback yet moody, reflective hip-hop track.

Nigeria-born, London-raised creative, Toks, is a hip-hop and electronic artist with a passion for crafting music. His work combines honest and empathetic storytelling with the goal of instilling a thought-provoking response. Toks’s conscious style reflects on a wide range of emotions while touching on his own personal experiences. His latest drop is the hip-hop/rap album 8 in Mind. “The Gods May Never” is one of the songs on his newest release. Toks pairs the track with equally dynamic visuals.

A dark and moody overtone encompasses the heartfelt song as the artist reminiscences on his personal journey. Toks reflects on a wide range of emotions, touching on his highs and the lows while mellow beats keep the vibe on a low-key level. The visuals for “The Gods May Never” sees Toks in a picturesque field shadowed by a mysterious masked figure. The somber and engagingly dark imagery is definitely the best way to experience Toks’s emotional journey.

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