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Please Believe

ADZii BOii

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A thoughtful reflection on emotional ups and downs.

UK-based hip-hop artist ADZii BOii is a musical creative whose work reflects the everyday struggles of life, touching on everything from mental health issues to heartbreak. ADZii BOii considers himself to be an optimist with the goal of inspiring his listeners through positive energy. He recently released his debut single, the emotional hip-hop song “Please Believe.”

According to ADZii BOii, his new song “captures my emotions on many topics such as mental health, anxiety, loneliness, friendship, suicide, and looking out for others.” The vibe for “Please Believe” is uplifting and clearly strengthened by ADZii BOii’s strong personal connection to its topics. The line, “please believe you’re helping me,” feels a bit overly repetitious at times, but the song has plenty of heart and positive intentions that more than makeup for it. Check out “Please Believe” for an honest contemplation on mental health.

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