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Cassidy Sends Shots Tory Lanez’s Way In “Perjury”



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Will Tory Lanez respond?

A few days ago, Tory Lanez did a freestyle that supposedly featured lines that Cassidy dropped in the past. Tory said he was trying to pay homage to the Philly rapper. Well, it’s clear that Cass didn’t like Tory biting him because yesterday, he dropped a diss record towards the Canadian rapper called “Perjury.”



Cassidy shows zero mercy in “Perjury.” Throughout the song, he makes fun of everything from Tory’s receding hairline to his incident with Megan Thee Stallion to his plagiarizing ways. Cass also threatens him with violence over and over again (Why is violence always the answer for rappers?). While I’m not a fan of the 2008-sounding beat that powers the song, I do f**k with some of the punchlines I heard.

I actually do not think that Tory Lanez should respond to this song.

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