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Diogo Snow’s “Dark Rose Petals” Proves He’s An EDM Star In The Making

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Diogo Snow does it all: He paints, creates sculptures, and even develops EDM bangers for his fans.

What you’re going to like about Diogo is that he openly says he wants to make music that is different than what you are used to hearing on a daily basis. In the past, Diogo has collaborated with boxer Ryan Garcia, basketball player James Johnson, and Jeremey Bieber, Justin Bieber’s father. Diego Snow’s new track “Dark Rose Petals” is an EDM banger that has influences from DJ Snyder and DJ itsharber’s music while still staying true to its own style. Don’t worry, “Dark Rose Petals” features production that is cheerful and filled with hard-hitting high hats & 808s.
Diogo Snow is definitely a name that you should pay attention to. If you aren’t already hip to his music, “Dark Rose Petals” is a song that will make you a fan. Everything from the rising and falling tempo shifts to the overall energy punch that song boasts will blow you away. Aside from music, he is killing it on IG, as he has a whoping 300K followers.
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