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Dominic Dema

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An indie rock track that’s all about overcoming life’s obstacles.

Clearwater, FL-based creative artist, Dominic Dema, is a lyricist and co-music arranger along with his musical partner, who is a composer and producer. Together, the songwriters have 40+ years of musical experience between them. The duo typically sticks to rock and rock-sub genres, with the goal of creating a personal connection with their fans through their work. Dominic Dema’s latest release is the 10-track album, Coming Clean, which features the reflective indie rock single “Afraid.”

The track injects a feel-good folksy vibe into its indie rock sound that feels incredibly warm and welcoming. Rich vocals and acoustic guitar combine for a meaningful reflection on the overwhelming sense of fear that comes from self-doubt. The lyrics for “Afraid” are simple yet meaningful as they openly question why we let negative thoughts and fears hold us back. This one is for fans of the genre who are looking for an honest yet uplifting reflection of relatable struggles.

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