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Best Friend

YNW Melly & Lil TJay


You will hear “Best Friend” on YNW Melly’s upcoming album.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If YNW Melly wasn’t in jail right now, he would be one of the biggest musicians in the game. In my opinion, he’s great at crafting memorable melodies and hitting us with bars that will relate to the demons of the world (That’s always a good combination). He’s also really good at singing his ass off. In “Best Friend,” his latest single, YNW Melly and featured guest Lil TJay do their hardest to break a few glasses with their voices.



If two dudes that aren’t the best singers in the world want to sing their ass off on a record, they can do as they please, this is America! With that being said, I’m not a fan of this duet between TJay and Melly. The vocals and the melodies are just too comical for me. I will say this, though: I like the vulnerability, the captain-save-a-chick lyrics, and the effort that both rappers bless us with (Hey, effort is a talent to some folks).

Listen to “Best Friend” below.

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