PYSCOBABYOFFICIAL (feat. B.E.BO & Tunnel Vizzon)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An uplifting blend of genres that will have you grooving along to the beat.

Miami, Florida-based Brazilian creative PSYCOBABYOFFICIAL is a DJ, songwriter, and rapper with a long-standing musical passion. He first started out DJing and mixing live for events in Brazil before making his way to releasing his own tracks. His 2021 single release “INTERESSERIA” features artists B.E.BO and Tunnel Vizzon. The track can also be heard on his 2021 EP Evolution.

“INTERESSERIA” is filled with fun, funky beats and features vibrant Portuguese, English, and Spanish vocals. The trio’s upbeat energy mixed with the light background instrumentals creates the perfect combination of style that will have you dancing along to the track’s infectious rhythm. Check out “INTERESSERIA” and get caught up in its fun and fiery vibes.