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When Its Dark

Tory Lanez

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Tory Lanez is a hard person to beat in a battle.

Whether you like Tory Lanez or not, you have to respect the fact that he hasn’t let his situation with Megan Thee Stallion slow him down at all. In 2021, he has released some big-time hits, he has shown up at a few shows, and he has done a lot on social media (I mean, a lot a lot). In “When Its Dark,” Tory’s latest release, he talks tons of s**t and takes aim at one of his newest enemies.



Listen, I love Tory Lanez, but let’s be honest, “When It’s Dark” sounds like a Meek Mill song. The flows and the tenaciousness Tory raps with gives me 2015 Meek vibes. Whatever the case may be, Tory does his thing on the track as he does his fair share of gloating, his fair share of threatening, and his fair share of insulting (Close your eyes, Cassidy):

Old n***as talkin’, I ain’t hearin’ em, I put fear in ’em
I leave Cas’ body in that casket his career is in
My prime to your prime, dawg, it’s no comparison
What you gon’ compare? Some SMACK DVD appearances?
Ding ding ding 15 seconds of fame is up
Was in them hotels with R. Kelly, we should flame you up

Tory might’ve won round one against Cassidy…

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