Young Cvsper – Gvstly (EP Review)

Young Cvsper has had quite the year. Early on in 2021, he signed to Streetburnerz Production and has since blessed us with some slick singles that have showcased some seriously impressive artistic skills.

Young Cvsper gets personal on his new EP “Gvstly.”




5. Humbled (feat Kahalolani)

A collaborative song that explores the downside of love.

Kahalolani’s soft vocals are a satisfying contrast to Young Cvsper’s snappy deliveries as “Humbled” takes an honest look at a crumbling relationship. The smooth track is infused with a captivating variety of simple, yet stylish beats that keep the focus on the artist’s relationship struggles while also showcasing some seriously impressive lyrical skills.



4. Roll Up

A sweet opener that will get you hyped for what’s to come.

Gvstly starts out with this solid smoke-up song that shows off Young Cvsper’s sharp delivery skills and snappy wordplay. The energetic track is filled with plenty of explosive and stylish moments that are the perfect companion to blazing up in style.



3. Hate you, Thank You

A deeply personal reflection of being weighed down by an unhealthy relationship.

Young Cvsper closes out his seven-track EP with “Hate you, Thank You,” a delightfully well-crafted song that explores the struggle of letting go of toxic love. There’s a dark tone to this tune that will definitely feel relatable to anyone that experienced the chaotic ups and downs of unstable love.



2. Lovin This Life

Mellow beats compliment Young Cvsper’s emotional lyrics that remind us to stay positive through life’s grind.

An excellent example of substance over style, “Lovin This Life” has a vibrance that’s showcased through smooth beats and warm jazzy horns. Sticking to Young Cvsper’s popular theme of personal reflection, the track touches on everything from his struggles to the special moments that truly make him appreciate his blessings.



1. Buffalo Grown

A solid display of talent that’s truly inspirational.

This slick, jazzy song is one of my personal favorites. It’s a straightforward come-up track that skips the unwanted gimmicks and goes straight for the heart with its deeply personal reflection of trying to make it big while dealing with life’s struggles, and the steady rise to success.


1. Roll It Up (4/5)

2. Buffalo Grown (5/5)

3. Humbled (feat. Kahalolani) (4/5)

4. Realest In It (4/5)

5. Lovin This Life (5/5)

6. 3 Shots 4 (4/5)

7. Hate you, Thank You (5/5)




Young Cvsper has had quite the year. Early on in 2021, he signed to Streetburnerz Production and has since blessed us with some slick singles that have showcased some impressive artistic skills. But, of course, this rising artist is no novice to rapping. With ten plus years of experience under his belt, the clear talent that he’s displayed could only come from a long-standing dedication to the craft and, of course, heartfelt passion.

Gvstly is Young Cvsper’s first full-length release under Streetburnz and features his three single releases that came out earlier this year. Like his reflective singles, the EP explores everything from the artist’s personal struggles to being grateful for his family’s support. While the album never shifts into anything overly (or pointlessly) stylistic, there’s definitely enough flair in Young Cvsper’s work to keep you from feeling like the overall experience is only one note. Vocally, Young Cvsper has an extremely likable quality. His charisma easily makes his reminiscences feel incredibly optimistic, even when he’s rapping about the negative aspects in his life. If you’re over gimmicks and mumble rappers, you’ll love the authenticity of Young Cvsper’s well-crafted lyrics and straightforward style.

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