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Alex. Holds Nothing Back In “strawberry preserve”

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strawberry preserve



I’m pretty sure no one gets lit more than Alex. (Not even Travis Scott).

Based on Alex.’s Instagram page, he looks like someone that has an appreciation for marshmallows, traveling, and nice-looking buildings. Based on his one and only single, “strawberry preserve,” it seems like he also likes sweets and killer bars.

“strawberry preserve” features a bass booming beat that I think is fire. Over it, Alex. hits us with explosive rap deliveries, simple flows, squeaky vocals, and lyrics that indicate that he is the kind of guy that enjoys life when it’s full of drinks and good weed (Hey, I definitely get that).

While I think that “strawberry preserve” features a style of rapping that is beyond goofy, I do think that the song is at least entertaining.

Listen to “strawberry preserve” below.




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