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Benny The Butcher – Pyrex Picasso (Album Review)

Benny The Butcher blesses us with a seven-pack Shakur called “Pyrex Picasso.”




3. Flood The Block

Has Benny The Butcher ever disappointed in an intro (No, he hasn’t)?

Do you know what I love about Benny The Butcher? Every single chance he gets, he reminds us how hood he is. In “Flood The Block,” the first song you will hear when you press play on Pyrex Picasso, Benny reminds us that he came from the mud, that he has no problem calling shooters on folks, that he used to deal drugs, and that he’s always ready for war. Though the song is short and doesn’t feature a hook, you’ll love Benny’s consistent flows and the song’s feverish piano-heavy beat.



2. Pyrex Picasso

“Pyrex Picasso” sounds like it was made in 1997.

The main reason that I love Griselda is that they make music that reminds me of hip-hop music from the 90s. Matter of fact, if you added some Diddy adlibs to their songs, I would like them even more. Anywho, three dudes from Griselda/BSF, Benny The ButcherConway The Machine, and Rick Hyde, decided to link up for “Pyrex Picasso.”

“Pyrex Picasso” sounds like some cold hard mafioso s**t. The song features an instrumental that you might hear on a Godfather movie, a hook by Rick Hyde that pays homage to both plugs and hustlers, a verse by Benny The Butcher in which he gives folks game on how to move like a drug lord, and a verse by Conway The Machine in which he brags about his money and trill ways. Folks that grew up on some vintage G-Unit s**t will appreciate this song.

“Pyrex Picasso” is such a gangsta-ass title.



1. Fly With Me

“Fly With Me” might be one of the few Griselda songs that actually get radio play (Nah, it won’t).

I’m not quite used to hearing Benny The Butcher or Conway The Machine spit bars over a funky/upbeat instrumental like the one that you hear in “Fly With Me.” The good news is this: The two rappers do not disappoint in the song at all. Throughout it, Benny and Conway bless us with verses that will make you feel proud as hell of how far they’ve come. They also hit us with lyrics that will remind you that they aren’t scared to go back to what they were. While Benny sounds like he wrote his verse while standing on a table in a club, Conway sounds like he wrote his verse while he was looking at an album book with pictures of his past.


1. 1st Name Basis (N/A)

2. Flood The Block (4/5)

3. PWRDRL (4/5)

4. Pyrex Picasso (4/5)

5. ’73 (3/5)

6. The Iron Curtain (4/5)

7. Fly With Me (4/5)




This album is very short, so I’m going to keep this review very short (Besides, my biscuits need to be taken out of the oven).

At this very moment, Benny The Butcher is my favorite rapper in the game. I just feel like he knows how to translate authentic street chronicles into raps that are digestible for dudes that ain’t never ever touched the Lindsey Lohan a day in their life. In this seven-pack Shakur, Benny doesn’t deviate from what he does best at all. What he does is continue to build on his legacy as both a rapper and trapper, reminding us all that he’s still the realest on the block, even though he has more money than most people that are standing on the block as we speak. He also reminds us that creating clever punchlines, telling vivid stories, and hitting us with impreginable flows comes easy to him.

These biscuits are good as s**t, dawg! Did I mistakenly put CBD in these biscuits? I want five more slices.

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