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Coi Leray Goes After Her Naysayers In “Okay Yeah”

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Okay Yeah

Coi Leray


I can’t wait ’til Coi Leray’s McDonald’s collaboration comes out (That s**t will probably feature a Big Mac with soy sauce, hot sauce, and ramen dust)!

Is Coi Leray over-hated? I think so. No, her erratic rapping/singing/twerking style doesn’t tickle my fancy, but at the end of the day, I respect fearless people, and she is as fearless as it gets. With that being said, “Okay Yeah,” Coi’s latest single, might be the wildest s**t I’ve heard in a while.



Coi Leray bounces off the walls of the bouncy beat that powers “Okay Yeah.” To be more specific, she never settles on a particular flow, melody, or topic. While you might f**k around and end up with a seizure listening to the song, at least you can say that it gave you life (Or took it away)!

Coi Leray sounds like Dej Loaf on an acid trip.

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