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Leol has superstar written all over him.

Leol is yet another musician from Chicago that has a bright future. What I think music fans will love about him is that he has a style that is eccentric, unpredictable, and hella appealing. Leol has seen success with his first single “Call Now” and debut album Ghosthours. I have a feeling that his latest single, “Type,” will really strike a chord with folks.



“Type” is a smooth, seductive banger that features a hypnotizing instrumental, a daring vocal performance, and lyrics that will make any woman that is interested in being spoiled excited. What blew me away about the song is how Leol bounced between sounding like both Coi Leray and The Weeknd throughout (Way to step outside of a box, Leol).

Listen to “Type” by Leol below.




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