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Down South

Wale, Yella Beezy & Maxo Kream


Northern Virginia is not the south, people!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been as excited as I am now for new Wale music! I get this feeling that he is about to drop an album that is better than anything that you’ve ever heard from him. While I am a big fan of his smooth singles from earlier this year, his “Down South” single is harder than dog s**t that was hiding behind vegetation



“Down South” is powered by a flipped version of Mike Jones’s classic “Still Tippin” beat. Over it, Wale hits us with raps that effectively let us know how real ones move in the streets, Yella Beezy hits us with raps that promote violence, and Maxo Kream hits us with raps that indicate that he has a gun store and a porno shop at his house. While Wale slides his ass off on the track, Beezy sounds unchained and Maxo sounds unbothered.

I love it when east coasters mix their sounds with southerners (I reiterate, the DMV is NOT the south).

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