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Run It

DJ Snake, Rick Ross & Rich Brian

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I’ve heard Rich Brian on a song with Rick Ross and 21 Savage in two separate weeks.

In a few days, Marvel’s Shang-Chi & Legend Of The Ten Rings will hit movie theatres. If we all expect the film to have numerous fighting scenes, do you know what we need? Fighting music! One of the singles off the movie’s soundtrack, “Run It” featuring DJ Snake, Rick Ross, and Rich Brian, sounds like a song that will pair perfectly with an ass-kicking scene.



I don’t love “Run It” but I do respect the song’s explosive vibes. The song features an instrumental that has a helluva build-up, action-packed feels, and futuristic vibes. Over it, Rick Ross and Rich Brian both spit ferocious bars that promote their boss/party-loving ways. While I may never play this track while I’m chilling at home, I would love to hear it at a lit-ass bar.

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