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Lil Pump & Tory Lanez Link Up For “Racks To The Ceiling”

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Racks To The Ceiling

Lil Pump & Tory Lanez

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The talent disparity between Lil Pump and Tory Lanez is astonishing (Did I say that out loud?).

It remains to be seen whether or not Lil Pump will be a one-hit-wonder. While “Gucci Gang” did extremely well, I wouldn’t say that any other record he has dropped has done as well. Today, Pump decided to release “Racks To The Ceiling,” a brand new club banger that features Tory Lanez.



As expected, you get tons of flexing and disrespecting in “Racks To The Ceiling.” Since the song is powered by a beat that boasts nothing but energetic vibes, you get versions of Pump and Tory that are unchained. While the former actually sounds more composed than he usually sounds, the latter comes out swinging like a prizefighter.

Give “Racks To The Ceiling” a shot below.

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