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3 The Hard Way (EP)


Desiigner blesses us with a three-pack Shakur called “3 The Hard Way.”

After all of these years, can you believe that Desiigner is only 24-years old? While his relationship with Kanye West seems to be long gone, I do think that he’s still more than capable of making good music (You see what I tried to do there?). Today, the Brooklyn rapper decided to drop a three-pack Shakur called 3 The Hard Way.



3 The Hard Way features “F.A.B,” “HOP OUT,” and “BIG EARTHQUAKE.” The first two tracks that I mentioned are hypnotic bangers, while the last one is a high-octane club banger that will only sound good if it’s played on a speaker system that can handle songs with tons of bass.

I believe in Desiigner still!

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