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Mmm Hmm

NLE Choppa

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

NLE Choppa is about to make himself a silicone sandwich, y’all.

I’m weird. I don’t particularly like NLE Choppa’s music, but I do find it fun as hell trying to figure out what kind of artist he can eventually morph into. Today, the Memphis rapper decided to release “Mmm Hmm,”  a brand new single that doesn’t quite sound like anything he has released in the past.



“Mmm Hmm” is a good balance between explosive and smooth. The song features an instrumental that has its therapeutic elements, but also its hard-hitting elements, too. As for NLE, he sounds pretty calm vocally but hits us with raps that indicate that he’s down to spoil and indulge in some down-ass women. While I think the hook that NLE blesses us with is atrocious, I do sort of f**k with his spazzy flows.

Listen to “Mmm Hmm” below.

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