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Essence (Remix)

WizKid & Tems

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“Essence” might be the song of the year.

I will never forget when I heard “Essence” for the first time. While reviewing WizKid’s Made In Lagos album, that song played, and I was legit blown away. Never did I think that the song would end up being something that gets played every five minutes on the radio. If you have been living under a rock and do not know how popular “Essence” is, all you need to know is this: Justin Bieber liked the song so much, he decided to hop on the remix to the track.



I hate that some people will hear this version of “Essence” first. If this song didn’t get such rave reviews, I’m pretty sure that Justin wouldn’t be on this remix. Anywho, the Canadian certainly holds his own with Tems’s amazing vocals in the track as he adds some ‘I’m no longer a playa’ type lyrics and truly magical vocals to the fray. I don’t think Justin makes the song better, but he definitely doesn’t f**k s**t up.

Why isn’t this song touted as a remix? I can see the finessing happening from a mile away.

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