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Gunna Blesses The World With “9 TIMES OUTTA 10” With Taurus

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I missed Gunna while he was semi-gone.

Remember when Gunna was featured on everything a few years ago? This year, I feel like we haven’t gotten a chance to hear much from the Atlanta rapper. Hopefully “9 TIMES OUT OF 10”  is the start of major things for the YSL rapper.



“9 TIMES OUT OF 10” is smooth as a muthaf**ka! Over a serene trap beat that actually made my muscles relax, Gunna gently raps about his luxurious lifestyle, his hustling mentality, and his vengeful ways. While I don’t expect you to be blown away by the track, I do expect it to remind you how therapeutic Gunna’s music is.

Listen to “9 TIMES OUT OF 10” below.

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