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Meka Michelle Reflects on Romance With “Selfish”


Meka Michelle

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A smooth R&B tune that’s all about the pleasure of giving in to what you want.

Atlanta, Georgia-based up-and-coming musical creative, Meka Michelle, is an R&B artist with a mesmerizing sound. Her work includes soulful songs such as her 2020 releases “Just Say That” and “Never Again.” Michelle’s most recent work is the R&B single “Selfish,” which wonderfully shows off her soft and sensual vocals.

Michelle’s new track is all about giving in to your desires and being “Selfish” when it comes to getting what you want. The sound for the single sets a mellow mood with soft instrumentals and light beats that are the perfect laidback vibe. There’s a sweet and charismatic sense to Michelle’s voice that makes listening to her reflective lyrics absolutely delightful. Fans of lighthearted R&B will love vibing to Michelle’s stylish single, “Selfish.”

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