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Tick Tock

Young Thug

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I want to jump rope to this song.

Young Thug has one studio album under his belt. I repeat, Young Thug has ONE F**KING STUDIO ALBUM UNDER HIS BELT! In October, he will release P*nk, his second studio album (SMH). To get us all hyped up for it, the slimest slimer of them all decided to release “Tick Tock.”


“Tick Tock” is a fun little banger. The song features a pretty colorful instrumental, a hook that is extremely catchy, both subdued and high-pitched vocals, and lyrics that will remind you that Thugger is hood-certified, rich, and violent. The way the Atlanta rapper was able to mix hard-ass words with schoolyard vibes is amazing.

This song sounds like a savage remix to “Miss Mary Mack.”

1 thought on “Young Thug Preps Us For The Release Of “P*nk” By Dropping “Tick Tock”

  1. fire single!! a 10/10 for me and a great way for thug to get us all hyped for punk. thug’s gonna have some competition with trippie and kanye (if donda even exists) on who gets aoty but it’s gonna be close.

    FAV bar: “i got 4 blacks, kit kat”

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