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Who isn’t down for a trippy summer (Actually, I’m not. I have a drug test I have to take in November)?

In my opinion, Jaden has all of the tools to be one of the greatest musicians in the game today. While some of the songs in his music catalog are a little too far left for me, there are some that tickle my fancy. “Summer,” Jaden’s latest single, tickles my fancy.



“Summer” is a warm, bouncy, hypnotizing, infectious, and swagtastic track. In it, Jaden comes across as reckless (He talks about popping pills), unbothered (He talks about having shooters in the suburbs), and slightly in love (He talks about grabbing ass cheeks). What makes this song such a good listen is that it has a great blend of clubby, pop, and trippy vibes.

Listen to “Summer” below.

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